Premiums - Domestic

TABLE OF PREMIUMS (Inclusive of taxes)

 Coverage Plan I Plan II Plan III Plan IV Plan V
 1 - 5 days Php70.00 Php135.00 Php155.00 Php202.00 Php266.00
 6 - 12 days Php100.00 Php195.00 Php303.00 Php398.00 Php527.00
 13 - 21 days Php130.00 Php255.00 Php385.00 Php500.00 Php700.00
 22 - 31 days Php160.00 Php315.00 Php601.00 Php800.00 Php1,050.00
 Each Additional Week Php36.00 Php72.00 Php150.00 Php200.00 Php250.00

DISCLAIMER: The website contains only a brief description of the FPG Travel insurance program and is not a statement of contract. Coverage is subject to the exclusions, provisions, terms and conditions of the actual policy.